About Us

  • Mayjis Foundation is a Section 8 company, registered under Government of India Companies Act

Our Working Principles


One need to have a strong passion towards the community work. This is the only 'source of energy' in delivering impact to the community. And, this is possible only when we go beyond the mindset of 'I am doing a job!'


Discipline of initiating and closing actions, will translate the PASSION in to IMPACT


This is the main asset for any 'Not for Profit Organisation'. This will decide the level of involvement by partners. Partners include: companies, individuals, resource partners, other social organisations, beneficiaries and government bodies.

Our story

Mayjis Foundation is conceptualised and initiated by Ravi Shankar Denduluri.

Ravi has engaged with several Not for Profit Organisations (NPOs / NGOs) through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, during his employment with different organisations over a period of 15 years. This has increased Ravi’s belief in community work, to deliver the best possible impact where it is necessary.

This thought has resulted in establishing Mayjis Foundation, with the following key objectives:
(1) Enhance the quality of education in government schools
(2) Support other social organisations in enhancing their process efficiency and effectiveness for better impact

One of the key driver to engage like-minded people in this journey is, ‘Share your knowledge and skills to benefit others’